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SuperStick Transmissions was created over a 15 year span of bad luck and transmission failures of my own. I have been a gear head since I can remember and always found ways of improving mechanical parts and pieces. My mission is to make manual transmissions last behind higher performance engines. I started by modifying a Muncie 4 speed on a sand dragster, then I moved on to the manuals in diesel pickups. They could hold power well but all shifted too slow for my liking. After studying weeks with an older friend of mine who had spent his life building manuals, he and I made a breakthrough on how to get them to shift like a sports car. That was the moment that has helped break the manual shifted diesel 1/4 mile record three times within two years. But we are not finished yet! 


With our reputation growing by the day, we strive for our quality  to remain top notch. Assembling one of these monsters takes a fair amount of skill but assembly doesn't hold a candle to the time we spend setting the lash. We have thrown the books away as they are no where near as detailed as we desire. Precision makes mechanical parts live as long as they do. For us, getting it close doesn't cut it. We strive for perfection which leaves our transmissions on the road or track as long as possible.


Pushing the limits will eventually lead to a mechanical failure. Most of these parts were designed to hold no more than 350hp in their factory application. As the diesel community continues to squeeze more power out of these engines, the transmission limits need to follow. Fortunately failure doesn't happen often, but when it does I have to learn why and what needs to be done to prevent it in the future. Our warranty is second to none and covers your transmission knowing the abuse it may be put through for a failure to occur. Customer satisfaction spreads the word that we are here to exceed your expectations and help you "get your shift together".

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